Inappropriate Language for Young Children: How to Deal With It?

Please take note this is already part two of the letter Mommy Beauty wrote with regards to her very young child using an inappropriate language for his age. To read the full story, you may want to visit: What To Do When Your Child Curses?


Instead of Statements Special Education Philippines


After reading the suggestions Special Education Philippines gave Mommy Beauty, she gave us the following updates below:


Hello Ms. Ia!

First of all let me say that I’m very impressed with your suggestions. I’m sure they’ll work for our baby Nino. Thank you so much for taking the time to enumerate the proper steps/ approaches to correct our baby in his fascination with the word “gago” (that go). I think “let’s go” will be easier for him to say as replacement. You just don’t know how I anticipate every morning whenever I open my email to check if somebody has responded to my plea. Know what? I printed your response so I can post it in an area at our home where everybody will be reminded.


I also commend your behavior modification strategy and the reward system if he does what he’s instructed to do. You’re right, he’s fascinated with the term because whenever he smilingly says it, he gets all our attention. Oh that little boy!


I immediately LIKED Special Education Philippines  page. (I) will visit it again sometime because I’ve seen articles which are very informative for a mother of 3 boys like me.


Again, my sincerest gratitude for your help. I will be updating you via FB.
More power to you Ma’am!



P.S.      I was about to send this when Nino’s pedia, who is also my friend, dropped by. I showed her your email, and like me, she liked your suggestions. She has a son who’s studying in a big school. She said that you might be among those who speak whenever there’s parenting seminar in those schools.


Another update from Mommy Beauty:

I would like to update you that baby NIno very seldom says the “term” nowadays. Often he will say “let’s go” with his so endearing smile.


Thank you so much, I give you the credit for guiding us. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones Ma’am Ia.


Does your child curse and think its funny? Tell us your experience by commenting below.

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10 Commentsto Inappropriate Language for Young Children: How to Deal With It?

  1. papaleng says:

    Children are great mimics of their parents. So we must be very careful of what come out of our mouth. “let’s go’ is a very good term in place of ‘g..o’. As a god-fearing man, I know and instructed my siblings to have a daily devotion.. that way the Scriptures will guide them on how to watch their words. Cursing is a no-no in our house.

  2. Nice tip! Changing the words is a smart way to avoid saying really bad words.

    These days, kids swear a lot. I get surprised all the time. I rarely swear but the younger generation these days… it’s like swearing is a part of their language.

  3. Franc Ramon says:

    Let’s go would be a lot better than g*g*. I like this interactive session in your blog as I can see you are really helping a lot of parents here.

  4. Your blog is certainly helping parents cope with specific challenges they are facing. You have definitely found your purpose in this life.

  5. che says:

    Wow! here are such very helpful tips. Come to think of it, we, parents don’t seem to know how to handle such situations most of the time. I guess we were bound to how we were brought up. Thank you for sharing this. I will definitely use these to my kids.

  6. jane says:

    that nice to know that the strategy totally works!! it is indeed parens shud be very careful with everything because kids can absorb everythnig very easy! xx

  7. claire says:

    This is really helpful especially to those parent who are having the same problem and don’t know how to deal with it

  8. Mark Morfe says:

    So far, my 20-month old daughter has yet to say that G*** word. I’ll make sure to bookmark this in case my daughter gets to learn that word (not from anyone of us here at home)

  9. Dems says:

    Wow, I’m happy your suggestion worked out for Ms. Beauty.

    I don’t have a kid yet, but hearing my cousin (HS student) and my gay bro (3rd year college) say bad words really gets me angry. I don’t curse myself and I seldom hear those except when one of our uncles is drunk and being stupid, but with today’s society, it seems a normal thing for them.

    I can’t teach them to use your suggestion but I hope they listen whenever I correct them 🙁

  10. Kenneth Ravida says:

    Thats a great help for parents, it is because they hear it from someone, and now the child became use to it

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