Prayers for the Stapleton Family

I am creating this post today for different reasons…


… as a parent of a child with special needs

… as a partner of a spouse with special needs

… as a teacher

…as a mother

… as a human being grieving


but no matter what I say I can only imagine what life is right now for the Stapletons

kindness and manners


I do have one personal favor to ask before you read the news about this devastating event,

That is, to remember…


Remember the family…

the stapletons


Remember the parents…
stapleton couple

Remember the children…
Michigan Attempted Murder
Now read the story you want to read by clicking on the hyperlink (blue link):


Kelli Stapleton, Michigan Woman, Accused Of Trying To Kill Autistic Daughter
Woman Accused of Trying to Kill Autistic Daughter



Did the System Fail Both Kelly & Issi Stapleton?

The Status Woe – Kelli Stapleton’s Blog



The Status Woe – Facebook Page

Support and Prayers For Kelli and Issy and the Stapleton Family (Update: Upon the request of the Stapleton family, this group will be closed. Members of this group can opt to move to a new group called “Extreme Love: Raising A Child With Severe Autism” which will talk about concerns about autism in general.


I am not going to ask you to react. Please no more of reactions. Instead feel, think, and help (in any order that you prefer). If you are going to post comments, let it be because of those three humane acts.


Om Shanti!

2 Commentsto Prayers for the Stapleton Family

  1. Cristina says:

    I can’t imagine myself in the same situation. I’m speechless. But if moms can’t stomach the suffering from having to deal with violent autistic kids every single day, it would be better if they would turn them over to special care units or facilities if available. Just my 2 cents.

  2. Fred Hawson says:

    We can never say we know how they feel because we simply cannot. Just prayers for all concerned, especially for the child.

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