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“Current Events” features posts that talks about the latest news concerning special education in the Philippines.


SPED Workshop: Moving Forward with #Inclusion

Another school year has began and as teachers we are again on a lookout for workshops, trainings and seminars that will better equip us and help us improve our craft.

If that is the reason you have clicked this site, then “Congratulations!”. You have come to the right page  because The Teacher’s Gallery (TTG) will hold its National Seminar-Workshop on Moving Forward With Inclusion and Raising the Achievement Level for All from August 12 to 14, 2016. This workshop will be held at the Librada Avelino Auditorium Student Activity Center, Centro Escolar University, Mendiola, Manila.


Do you want to score tickets? Read on…

#SpecialEducationPhilippines Moving Forward with #Inclusion

Registration fee is inclusive of the seminar kit, certificates and meals.

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Mabining Mandirigma – A Play You Must Watch Before You Vote for the #2016Elections

If you look at any social media site right now, the likelihood of seeing updates related to the #2016 elections is most likely. Just like any conversation about politics, it is only a matter of time before it turns ugly. However, I had a recent reflection about how Filipinos choose their voters. It seems we choose our candidate based on their probability to win rather than the ideals they promote. It appears to be treated like a betting game rather than a show of support for the programs you want to believe as well.

Therefore, I highly encourage everyone who  are still considering their candidates for these government positions to watch #MabiningMandirigma with the intention that you will be inspired of our past heroes and reminded on what it really means to serve your country.


To learn about Mabining Mandirigma, read the article below:

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Mabining Mandirigma: A Tanghalang Pilipino Presentation for 2015

Tis the season to be jolly but not because its Christmas but because it is the season for new and exciting theater plays to open for the school year. This year, we will start strong with Tanghalang Pilipino’s offer for the 15oth birthday of one of our national heroes, Apolinario Mabini.

Mabining Mandirigma “is a steampunk musical foregrounding the intellectual heroism of Apolinario Mabini, who in the second phase of Philippine revolution, displayed an uncommon vision, a warrior’s spirit, and a principled character, as he struggled against all odds to enjoin his countrymen to go beyond considerations of class, clan, economic gain and personal ambition, so they could think and act as citizens of one nation. In partnership with National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCAA) to close the year-long celebration of the 150th birthday of Apolinario Mabini.”



Where and when can I watch Mabining Mandirigma?

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PLDT Gabay Guro gives the biggest tribute to teachers in Grand Gathering event

The first term of class is nearing its end and everyone in school are busy with the overwhelming amount of requirements: tests, reports, grades. Argh!!! The precipitous weather is also not helping. Then October hits and though World Teacher’s Day is a fairly new holiday to celebrate it is indeed a welcomed one for all the teachers who work beyond the call the duty, stay beyond the regular working hours and prepare beyond the normal work load.



I have a gazillion things to do but I find myself at MOA Arena joining hundreds and hundreds of teachers from all over the Philippines celebrate one of the biggest teachers Grand Gathering in the country – Gabay Guro 2014.


What is Gabay Guro?

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Are TESDA Graduates Half-Baked? (Need for Licensing for our Skilled Workers)

“TESDA Graduates are half-baked.” For me, these words are a red flag that means something is amiss. My curiosity as to why Mr. Tony Galvez, CEO & President of Tony Galvez School of Cosmetology, can give such a strong statement about TESDA graduates led me to stay and listen to what he has to say about TVET with an open mind.


However, first let’s answer the question, “what makes a technical-vocational education (TVET) graduate “fully baked?” Mr. Galvez showed me this Philippine Qualifications framework (PQF) to explain his point.


What does this PQF mean to TVET?

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WINTER GARDEN: the Exploration of Micropop Imagination in Contemporary Japanese Art

Winter Garden Exhibition

Do you want to experience a Winter Garden during summer? I hope Special Education Philippines’ readers can join me as ‘Japanese Micropop’ comes to the Metropolitan Museum of Manila this February as it opens “WINTER GARDEN: the Exploration of Micropop Imagination in Contemporary Japanese Art”, a contemporary exhibition made possible through partnership of the MET with the Japan Foundation.



Art critic Midori Matsui, curator of WINTER GARDEN, explains that the exhibition is “a desolate garden in winter and a hothouse for rearing plants from the differing climate.”


What can I see at the Winter Garden Exhibition?

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Shame On Me For Not Knowing Who Napoleon Abueva Is

When you are in the presence of an art work that goes beyond being “pretty to look at”, you realize that there are so many things that you still do not know. It’s a good thing that I am naturally curious and always in awe when learning new things. That is why even though I am a complete novice when it comes to appreciating sculptures, it did not intimidate me to attend such a grand event at the Metropolitan Museum of Manila.
napoleon abueva the power of form
When I approached one of the staff from Metropolitan Museum to ask “What is Abueva?” and received a response, “Oh, Mr. Abueva is a national Filipino artist.”, I really felt ashamed that I am not even aware of such a gifted person here in the Philippines. That’s why I dedicate this post to the teachers who will go beyond their call of duty to suggest places to visit during the holidays for their students’ enrichment; to the parents who will give priority to the value of appreciating our rich culture to our children; and to my fellow Filipinos, who in one way or another, would like to start recognizing how amazingly talented our Filipino artists are.


Who is Napolean Abueva?

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Does School Kill Creativity?

One morning, I spent some time looking for a new Facebook cover for the Special Education Philippines FB Page. I found one that really caught my attention visually and emotionally. It says “In the eyes of a child, you will see… the world as it should be.” In this light, I will reflect on the message of Sir Ken Robinson in line with a class discussion I had in my Master’s class on critical and creative thinking. That is, like a child, I am taking a risk to say what is really on my mind and if I do commit any mistake I wish to realize it and hopefully, learn from it.


Sir Ken Robinson’s TED Talk is entitled “How School Kills Creativity“.


I have been listening to TED talks for quite some time now but this is the first time I’ve watched the TED talk of Sir Ken Robinson. Listening to his talk, made me realize three things:

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Letter From A Mother To A Daughter (Happy Mother’s Day!)

Today is a special day for all the mothers out there. Special Education Philippines found the letter below in one of the social media. It touched our hearts so much that we are re-posting it here as a gift to all the women celebrating “Mother’s Day”.


Mother and Daughter Special Education Philippines


We hope you like our simple token. Once again, “Happy Mother’s Day!”.

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What to do when your child curses?

The letter below was sent to one of the Special Education Groups I’m subscribed to. I remember my child’s fascination with inappropriate words when he was younger so I can relate to what this parent is going through.


Cursing for very young children is inappropriate even if they are not aware of what they are doing. This inappropriate language and behavior for children should be addressed right away not only to stop it before it becomes a habit but also to save the family from embarrassing situations where the child is in public and does this inappropriate thing. We can admit it or not but parents and their parenting skills are judged by others based on the behavior of these parents’ children. It is good to know that parents who tackle this odd behavior for very young children are taking responsibility and aware of what they must do.


So kudos to Mommy Beauty for coming forward with her concern. Like what they say, “if you don’t ask for help, you won’t receive any.” 🙂


What you teach me Special Education Philippines


Mommy Beauty wrote:

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