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My Child does not talk: Does he have communication difficulties? (Part 2)

In the previous post, we discussed that language development may occur earlier for growing girls than boys according to studies. On the other hand, how long should we wait for our male children to catch up? How do we know for sure if our child has communication difficulties or not? Read below as we continue to help Mommy Hershey with her concern for her child.


Fred Rogers Special Education Philippines


Response from Teacher Ia

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My Child Needs Help Communicating: What Can I Do?

An article that appeared in Child Development Volume 3 No. 3 written by Ella J. Day entitled “The Development of Language in Twins: A Comparison of Twins and Single Children showed that language development is faster in girls. One hundred forty children was part of this study with age ranging from 18 to 54 months (1 and a half years old to 4 and 2 months old).


I have read a similar article when I was just in college and so my expectation for my son’s communication skills compared to my sister who was almost the same age when she was born was not that high. But in my case I did not expect that my child will not just exceed my expectation but will go way and beyond the norm. A good example will be talking non-stop during a Baguio trip when he was just about almost two years old while naming all the brand of the cars that passes by. He did not sleep for the 6-hour trip which the driver of the car appreciated for my child kept him awake for the entire trip.

Grades and Age Special Education Philippines

Later on, we learned that that particular characteristic of him is associated to his ADHD and even has a name “hyperverbal”. In most Philippine schools, this children will be called “madaldal” but for ADHD children their being talkative just go way beyond the norm preventing them from doing their tasks. My case is a unique one though. Most parents with boys wonder if their child will ever speak because they may be stuttering, stammering or not talking at all. So please read on the question of Mommy Hershey who has concerns on her child’s expressive communication skills.


Mommy Hershey:

Do you know of any specialist in San Pedro who can help me with my child? He is 3 years old and still unable to communicate well. He is showing signs of communication difficulties. Thanks Ia.

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What is Distance Learning?

All Children Can Learn Goodview Elementary School Special Education Philippines

New Year means cleaning time for me. In one of my box of information treasures I found a handout from one of my Master’s class about Distance Learning shared to us in class by one of my classmates. Unfortunately, there is no citation where the information was retrieved or maybe I lost that page but I found the definitions still useful. Thus, if you need a basic resource to describe distance learning and its aspects, the information below might be of some use to you.


Books give us perspective


If in case you can find out where this information was retrieved, I will be glad to give the proper citation. Just please comment the information in the comments box below.


I. Definition of Distance Learning

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Insights on and Importance of Knowing the Learning Aptitude of Students

SPED Teacher Special Education Philippines

Special Education Philippines received this question from one of the messages via Special Education Philippines Facebook Fan Page.


I’m a college student taking up BEED-SPED, a sophomore student. Can I ask you a few questions? What’s your insights or ideas about assessment of learning aptitude and the importance of assessing the learning aptitude of the learner as far as (1. General education) (2. Special education) is concerned. Thank you very much.


I find the question timely as this morning I’ve read how a mother friend of mine is so proud of her son for being assessed a gifted learner. But what is a gifted learner? Let me answer that in succeeding posts. For now, Llet’s look at our reader’s question first:¬†What’s your insights or ideas about assessment of learning aptitude?

famous failures


To answer this, I would have to consider first why is there a need for assessment?

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10 Tips to Promote Positive Communication with your child with ADHD

Special Education ends the coverage of the topic “Encouraging Responsibility in Children with ADHD” with 10 tips to promote positive communication with your child with ADHD. We understand that some of the tips might be easier said than done. Nobody said the road to success will be smooth and easy.


We can even say that it is very difficult for parents to be firm when their kids are having a harder time than the other kids. But taking it easy on them especially in teaching discipline and responsibility do not help our kids in the long run.


Impossible to Possible Special Education Philippines


The tips listed here applies to anyone. Yet it is the simple ones that we miss because we think we know them already. Refresh your memory and maybe one or two of these tips can tell you what you can improve the next time you communicate with your child with ADHD.

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21 Tips to Encourage A Child To Be Responsible (Part 1)

The list of tips to encourage responsibility is collected specifically for children with ADHD. There will be some items though that works better for children with ADHD or items that regular children may not need. Generally speaking, it still applies to all children.


Special Education Philippines suggests that if you plan to implement these tips in your home that you consider to talk about it first with the guardians of the child which would mean your spouse or partner. After you have agreed with the interpretation of the statement, you can cascade this to other members of the household like helpers, extended family and siblings of your child.


The important thing is to make sure that everyone is on the same page when you are talking about these tips. This is to ensure clarity and consistency.


family rules Special Education Philippines


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How Can I Encourage My Child to be Responsible (Part 2)

Ten Valuable and Applicable Things To Do in All Classrooms Special Education Philippines

This is part 2 of the 21 Tips to encourage a child to be responsible. This list was collected to help parents of children with ADHD promote the value of responsibility in their homes. As mentioned in the previous post, the list generally applies to all children. However, this list in particular highlights the needs of children with ADHD and will tackle situations specific to them. If you find that the strategy might work for you regardless if your child has ADHD or not, feel free to use it in your home.


Way to Success Special Education Philippines

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Encouraging Responsibility in Children with ADHD

Another topic covered during the ADHD Support group meetings tackled “Encouraging Responsibility” to children with ADHD. Based from our actual discussion during the meeting, it appears that the list does not apply only to children but can also be used by adults as well.


The list given to the participants during the said support group meeting is quite long. Special Education Philippines will post and summarize the list in parts so as not to overwhelm our readers here with information. There will be three topics covered for the topic on “Encouraging Responsibility” namely:

1. A child with ADHD needs frequent redirection

2. Tips to Encourage a Child to be Responsible

3. Tips for Positive Communication


To begin with let’s start with the first topic: “A child with ADHD needs frequent redirection”


Prayer Sharon Janyes Special Education Philippines

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Four Rules to Promote Clutter Control

In Special Education Philippines’ previous post we talked about Organization Tips for your child with ADHD. However, we focused on the things we should not do as parents for our child with ADHD if we want them to learn how to control their own clutter. Today, we will feature four of the rules Dr. Patricia Quinn mentioned in her article for ADDitude on how to end household clutter and help our ADHD child organize.


Change by Leo Tolstoy Special Education Philippines


Four Simple Rules for Cleaning Up

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Organization Tips for Children with ADHD

On one of the parenting support group meetings of ADHD Society of the Philippines, Special Education Philippines was able to get information on one of the topics discussed to help children with ADHD live successfully on their own and that is “End Household Clutter: ADHD Organization Help for Kids”


In my online research I found out that the original article was written by Dr. Patricia Quinn M.D. and it was released in ADDitude. The latter is an online website and magazine dedicated in helping people with ADHD.


Below is a summary of the points Dr. Quinn mentioned in the article and some of my personal thoughts about teaching organization to children with ADHD.


What is Childhood Special Education Philippines


What Not to Do for Your Child With ADHD:

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