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Do you want to #homeschool in the Philippines? (List of Homeschools in the Philippines

This Special Education Philippines post is needed as the number of parents asking for homeschooling information in the social media pages and website of Special Education Philippines have been steadily increasing.

I will update this list as own information of homeschooling groups grows. I know there’s more satellite homeschooling programs out there especially after attending the homeschooling conference last 2012 but I need to dig my hard drive and stacks of papers. Basically, those will need updating as well.

Right now, let’s focus on one question: Why home school? For us (my family), deciding to homeschool was not an easy one because of several factors:

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Summer Clay Workshop @metmuseummanila

The Metropolitan Museum of Manila features its Summer Clay workshop, a hands-on clay workshop where both adults and children can discover and learn the basics of sculpting through clay molding. This summer workshop is in line with “Abueva: The Power of Form” exhibition featured since December 2013 at MetMuseum Manila. 


#SpecialEducationPhilippines SummerClayWorkshop
What are the benefits of enrolling your child on a clay workshop?

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#DELPS2014 K-12 CART Workshop: Pushing for Sustainable Implementation

The Division of Educational Leadership and Professional Services (DELPS) of the U.P. College of Education will be conducting a three-day workshop entitled K-12 CART Workshop: Pushing for Sustainable Implementation on April 1-3, 2014 at the Benitez Theater of the U.P. College of Education in Diliman, Quezon City.



The objectives of the #DELPS2014 workshop are:

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3M Philippines Celebrates Its 50th Year of Innovation

#3M #SpecialEducationPhilippines

I have supported 3M for so many years now because it has never let me down. I always have a Post-It note in my bag even on my desktop in different colours. 3M prides itself as “a global innovation company that never stops inventing”.



How does 3M define innovation?

3M defines innovation as the transformation of ideas into commercially viable solutions, applying creativity to deliver practical and valuable output. It is a chain reaction of idea generation and real-life application. Whether the free-flow of ideas and solutions in 3M occurs among people, technologies, industries, or geographies, the human and technological connections enable infinite combination and application of expertise. This creative vibrancy and pursuit of possibility is integral to 3M’s definition of partnership.


Innovation as defined by 3M, encourages risk-taking and rejects settling for the ordinary. The company’s signature approach problem-solving integrates creative application of talent and technology to come up with sustainable solutions of tomorrow with a focus on progress.


What is Innovation in the Workplace? The 15% Rule

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Shame On Me For Not Knowing Who Napoleon Abueva Is

When you are in the presence of an art work that goes beyond being “pretty to look at”, you realize that there are so many things that you still do not know. It’s a good thing that I am naturally curious and always in awe when learning new things. That is why even though I am a complete novice when it comes to appreciating sculptures, it did not intimidate me to attend such a grand event at the Metropolitan Museum of Manila.
napoleon abueva the power of form
When I approached one of the staff from Metropolitan Museum to ask “What is Abueva?” and received a response, “Oh, Mr. Abueva is a national Filipino artist.”, I really felt ashamed that I am not even aware of such a gifted person here in the Philippines. That’s why I dedicate this post to the teachers who will go beyond their call of duty to suggest places to visit during the holidays for their students’ enrichment; to the parents who will give priority to the value of appreciating our rich culture to our children; and to my fellow Filipinos, who in one way or another, would like to start recognizing how amazingly talented our Filipino artists are.


Who is Napolean Abueva?

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Der Kaufmann: The Merchant of Venice Is In Manila

Der Kaufmann (The Merchant of Venice) is a play is about a bitter detested Jewish moneylender who seeks revenge against a Christian merchant who has defaulted on a loan.


What is Der Kaufmann? 

DER KAUFMANN (miniposter)

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How do you spell “Ideal Happiness” SPED Advocates?

Ideal Happiness for SPED Advocates

How do you spell “Ideal Happiness” for us SPED advocates?


To try to answer that question, I find this quote appropriate:  “Happiness is a choice, Your Choice”.



happiness is a choice


Which leads to my next question, “If you were able to make your own choice today, will you still choose to advocate for special education?

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Tanghalang Pilipino Please Keep Ibalong in Your List of Plays Every Season

I felt all different sort of emotions in one moment. I think that’s too much for just a moment but I’m happy that I felt them. On a very rainy Sunday, I went to CCP to watch the last show of Ibalong. Before entering the theatre I thought to myself “Do I really have the time to be watching right now? Do I have a right to enjoy a play knowing that I have a gazillion other things to do?


Our schedules here at home are so hectic my family has to be in three different locations at the same time. I worry about my husband though who is also the automatic designated chauffer on this very damp weather. However, I said I will support Ibalong and that was a promise I made weeks ago.


I arrived early in the theatre so I passed the time reading about Critical & Creative Thinking by Dr. Richard Paul & Dr. Linda Elder.


“A product of intellectual work that makes no sense, that cannot be rationally analyzed and assessed, that cannot be incorporated into other intellectual work, or used – and hence that cannot play a role in any academic tradition or discipline – is unintelligible”


By that definition, I concur that a theater play is an intelligible creative product because it meets the requirements of what is NOT an unintelligible product is.


And so I wondered, “Why would our students, teachers or any Juan for that matter watch an intelligible creative product on a very rainy Sunday? Why value this education?”


These are my reasons…


Hindi pala lahat ng umaga ay maliwanag…

Ibalong Theater Play Musical Tanghalang Pilipino Special Education Philippines

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Travelling Provides a Classroom without Borders

As a blogger sometimes I get really interesting media invites. I am always surprised when they invite me to such events thinking, “Why would they want to have an education blogger in their media event?” It is also a challenge for me to decide if & how this event will be aligned with Special Education Philippines. There are some events I really have to turn down. Not because, I don’t think it’s not an interesting event but I may not be the best person to talk about the brand. In such cases I would rather read someone else’s blog or better yet read news than write on a topic that may result only to mis-communication or misunderstanding online.
Singapore Educational Tours


On the other hand, this was not the case when I went to the Singapore Tourism Board’s event at Mandarin Hotel. You see I attended a similar event some time last year for Malaysia. I realized then that travelling provides a different kind of education that the four walls of the classroom cannot provide. For example, even if you have the best multimedia presentation, swimming side-by-side a butanding (whaleshark) in Donsol is sooooo surreal it literally takes your breath away. For those who travel (and enjoy it) you probably had felt the exhilaration I am trying to describe here.

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Prayers for the Stapleton Family

I am creating this post today for different reasons…


… as a parent of a child with special needs

… as a partner of a spouse with special needs

… as a teacher

…as a mother

… as a human being grieving


but no matter what I say I can only imagine what life is right now for the Stapletons

kindness and manners


I do have one personal favor to ask before you read the news about this devastating event,

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