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This page will include a list of the different Special Education Schools and centers who can accommodate children with special needs ranging from wide array of exceptionalities. Special Education Philippines will do its best to make your search for a SPED school or center easy and convenient. For any suggestions on how we can improve this page, feel free to comment below.


You can also request for Special Education Philippines to feature a certain SPED school just send the details in our email or Facebook fan Page which you can see in the author’s information. :)

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  1. Dear special education philippines,

    I hope you can include our school in your list of schools. We are implementing Inclusion in our Regular Classroom with UP Special Education Teachers and Shadow Teachers. :)
    We are located in A.B Fernandez East, Dagupan City, Pangasinan, PHILIPPINES.



  2. Nicolle Samonte says:

    Good morning,

    I would like to inquire if you have a program that flies SPED therapists to provinces for the purpose of training local therapists for special children. I work for Generali Philippines and we are exploring to support small scale projects for special children. We hope to hear from you soon. Thank you!

    • Teacher ia says:

      Hello Nicolle,

      There is a pool of therapists who can help in training local therapists. Is Generali Philippines going to sponsor the travel and board expenses of the therapists in case we can find volunteers to go to the local centers you are supporting?

  3. Roy Basilla says:


    My son is a Child with Special Needs (CSN, he is now 18 y/o, He can’t speak well the special pediatrician says that he is MR (mild retarded). He graduated from Elementary (public school) last 2010 at the age of 16, we enrolled him for first year HS in private school but he quit for around 1 or 2 weeks. One year after he wants to go back to school. We tried to enroll in other school but they require us psychological examination unfortunately the general evaluation of Psychiatrist he has no capability to join the regular class.

    I want my son to developed his ability to speak and at the same as much as possible study again in Special Education Center or wherever. May I ask your kind assistance how and where we can find the institution for my son preferably close to San Juan or Mandaluyong City. And also your suggestion and advise too.

    Thank you very much and God Bless you all.

    Roy Basilla

  4. yrenin says:

    good day san ko po ba pwedeng dahil yung anak ko at age 7 kilos bata pa sya,hindi pa marunong magbasa,at iba behavior nya,kindly please help me.kindly reply to my email please.God bless

    • Whelpcare Learning Center says:

      Hi Ms. Yrenin what kind of behavior po ba meron ang iyong anak? May be you can handle it. We have free Seminar that may possibly help you. Please see below the details

      Whelpcare Learning Center will be conducting weekly FREE seminar for Parents especially those with child/children with special needs.

      Seminar Topics

      Every 1st Saturday of the month – Power Parenting: Behavior Modification Technique for Parents with special child/children

      Every 2nd Saturday of the month – Effective Teaching Method for Parents at Home

      Every 3rd Saturday of the month – Workshop …
      on Reinforcement and Punishment Procedure

      Every 4th Saturday of the month – Managing Homework Issues

      For more details and slot reservation, contact these numbers: 09991878446, 09306258631..

      May God bless all of us..

      • charlin says:

        goob morning..how we can avail that seminar?im here in southern leyte..by the way i am a teacher of hearing impaired pupils in sogod sped center ..i like to join what ever seminars for the benefit of my pupils…thank you….

        • Teacher Mat says:


          WHAT: ABA and Son-rise Approach: Starting up a Home Program
          WHEN: August 31, 2013, 1pm
          WHERE: Centro Pambata: #9 K-11 st. Kamias, Q.C.

          *for more information, kindly text this number: 09991878446

      • alma nacional says:

        gud p, regarding po dun sa seminars, if you are allowing SPED students to attend the seminar?

  5. shiela mae cabrera says:

    Good morning!

    I am a student from Holy Name University here in Bohol. I am on ny 4th year and I’m taking up Beed-Sped, together with my group mates we come up on a title for our research study is PROBLEMS ENCOUNTERED BY SPECIAL EDUCATION TEACHERS IN DEALING CHILDREN WITH AUTISM. We would like to ask some information from you regarding the problems encountered by our sped teachers here in the Phil.,that if it’s alright with you, we would be more happy to hear from you.

    Than you and God Bless!

  6. Jenika Asuncion says:

    Good Morning.
    May I ask what school(s), that offers Special Education, mostly on ADHD? I am a Psychology major, and we are conducting some short research about ADHD. We need to interview atleast two children who have ADHD to participate in our research. What school(s)(around Quezon City or Metro Manila) can you recommend that allows conducting interview, without months of approval? Since, we have to finish our research this semester. I hope you can help me/us. :-)
    Thank you! And God bless. :-)

    • Teacher ia says:

      Hello Jenika,

      I would recommend that you go to Wordlab School or St. Joseph’s College. They are both schools in Quezon City who caters to children with ADHD but I cannot guarantee that they will approve your request right away. But I also don’t think that it will take months to get a response (it can be positive or negative) depending on the content of your interview. Community of Learners and Kid’s World Integrated are also another good school you can ask but they are around the San Juan area (not very far from the two schools above I mentioned).

    • Teacher ia says:

      Hello Jenika,

      I replied to your inquiry via email.

      Teacher ia

  7. Anna Amaro says:

    Hi! I’d like to to know if modification is a must to all SPED students including those who are partially mainstreamed.

    Thank You!

    • Teacher ia says:

      Hello Anna,

      Since it was mentioned that they are partially mainstreamed then the context already includes some sort of modification. Because if modification is not applied then the student will be going through full mainstream. I hope you get that point.

      Is modification a must to all SPED students, again it depends. If the child can manage in mainstream schools without the need for modification then I guess its not needed. However, if there is no need for any modification, then why is the child categorized as SPED in the first place?

      Also modification does not apply only to SPED students. Even regular students might need modification in one way or another. I can describe modification like corrective glasses. If the child has a 20/20 vision what is the corrective glasses for? However, the degree of corrective glasses varies when the vision is not 20/20. Thus a child who has astigmatism will have a different kind of glasses from a child who has myopia and the combination of needs are so varied that corrective glasses must be tailor fit for each child.

      Hope I get that message across :)

      • The difference between modification and accommodation should be stressed: modification means giving the child work/content that is below grade level among other changes (shorter tests, extended time to take tests, less homework etc.).

        Accommodation is allowing the child to do grade-level work, but with changes (oral testing instead of written, less items in tests, etc… depending on the child’s capabilities).

  8. Lydia J. de Leon says:

    Hi. My son is 15year old with autism. barely can speak. He has hypothyroidism and pineal cyst. My husband and I are both jobless and we cannot afford to support his special needs like quality education, speech therapy and occupational therapy. We live in Antipolo, Rizal. Can you recommend a public school who could help my son? thank you and God bless.

  9. psych09 says:

    Good day! Can you recommend sped schools where I can apply for a job? I am a fresh graduate of Psychology and I want to work in this kind of setting. Thank you very much!

  10. elizabeth morado says:

    Good day,
    I’m looking for a SPED school in angono rizal (or nearest SPED school). please help. Your help will be very much appreciated. Thank you.

  11. Arman says:

    We have a 5yr old Down Syndrome daughter. We need a school. Please advise. Thank you.

  12. evangeline says:

    I would like to ask what school is for hyperactive kids

  13. tin says:

    Good day,
    I am looking for a good but affordable SPED school in Las Piñas City or the cities nearby. Maybe you can recommend or give a list. Please help. Thank you very much!

  14. Angela says:

    Hi Teacher i a… Angela here, a student of University of the East- Manila taking up Special Education. I would like to ask about the content differentiation for gifted and talented students and the programs offered to them. :)

    I am about to report regarding the curriculum for gifted and talented students. Another concern I have is about the curriculum… Can you give me a copy of a curriculum for gifted students? Or if not, can you suggest schools where I can get a copy of a curriculum? If granted, I’ll keep it confidential as my respect. :)

    Hoping that I will hear from you, your help will be very much appreciated.

    - Angela

  15. HERE WE GROW Child Learning Center offers two general programs:

    Early Childhood Learning Program for 2-4 year olds – we allow inclusion of children with special needs after assessment of their capability to join a group.

    Special education services – this includes special education tutorials, shadow teaching, occupational therapy, and speech enhancement services.

    Visit us at 146 Tropical Avenue, B. F. Homes, Las Piñas 1720.

  16. zisa says:


    Thank you for helping us by sharing information about Sped.

    Could you guide me as to whether there are centers in Angeles City or Pampanga which deal with special children? We need help with testing/assessment. After the assessment, we need help on how to help the children learn.

    Thank you very much for your time and kindness.

  17. Steph says:

    Good day,
    I’m looking for a SPED school in Cainta, Pasig or QC areas. please help. I’d like to apply what I learned. Your help will be very much appreciated. Thank you.

  18. marivic dela cruz says:

    Good day!I hope you can update me about the new trends,issues ,strategies and other matters about sped that can help my pupils.I am a regular teacher in a public school but teaching special children for a long time.Hope you can help me.The only tool that i have is my big heart to these kind of children and a prayer.God bless!

  19. marivic dela cruz says:

    Good day! kindly update me the current trends ,issues,methods and strategies about sped.
    I am a public school teacher teaching special children for a long time.The only tool that i have is my big heart and prayers.I hope you can help me.God bless!

  20. marivic dela cruz says:

    kindly update me the current trends ,issues,methods and strategies about sped.
    I am a public school teacher teaching special children for a long time.The only tool that i have is my big heart and prayers.I hope you can help me.God bless!

  21. Anika Mateo says:


    Can you please provide me information on sped schools, centers both private and public here in marilao bulacan.

    Thank you.

  22. Maria Rodriguez says:

    My son just started at a daycare center this June. He’s turning 4 this end of July. His teacher spoke to me and informed me that he seems to have ADHD because he never stays put or is always moving, cant speak well, can look at her in the eye and is not paying attention to story telling sessions. As I have 2 college students, I have to admit that we are financially incapacitated. Is there a school sponsored by DSWD somewhere here in General Trias Cavite which does not cost too much? I am working full time and it’s my husband who’s at home and taking care of our kids. I feel so guilty not being able to be fully attentive to my youngest.

    Please help!


  23. Ilde says:

    My 5 yr old son has already been recommended by 2 schools within this school year to see a child psychologist. When I am around, he is behaved. But once I leave the school, He will start roaming classrooms, and when reprimanded by teachers, magwawala na siya. I am very worried. He interacts normally naman when at home, but why is he different in school? I’m within the las pinas area. Where can i find a child psychologist and a SPED school near my area? I also need that school to have installments in payments coz I am a single mom.. Thanks! your reply will be greatly appreciated.

    • Jane says:

      Hi Ma’am! We would like to invite you to visit our school and learn how we can be of help to you :)Thanks!

    • Cherry says:

      Hi! Our center is offering ABA therapy both in-home and in-center. We also provide after school program and shadow teaching intervention to children with exceptional needs.
      Please send us email to outofthebox.philippines@yahoo.com
      We can be of great help to you!

      Out of the Box Behavioral Intervention Services
      Unit M-17 Auro-Vir Bldg., Evangelista cor Lacuna St.
      Makati City

  24. Jenifer Calibuso says:

    Hi,I am a student from Our Lady of Fatima University -Antipolo Campus, 4th year and I’m taking up B.S. Psychology, we are currently working on our research entitled: PARENTING A CHILD WITH AUTISM: Case Study. We would like to ask some information about the number of child with autism here in the Philippines, since we can’t find any statistics about the number of cases here in our country. We would be more happy to hear from you. Thank you.

  25. Sherry Joy Martinez-Yrigan says:

    Please add my school, Great Values Learning Center, Inc. to your list of schools offering special education. We have programs for all types of exceptionalities except for the gifted, with hearing and visual impairments. We also perform psycho-educational assessment. Our school is located at 34th Street, Kapitan Pepe Subdivision, Cabanatuan City. Contact #: (044) 940-2282. Thanks!

  26. Good day! Teacher Ia. I am a student from De La Salle University – Dasmariñas currently taking up BSBA Major in Economics. I am working on my research for this sem which is about the willingness to pay for special education and i would just like to ask for your help. I am planning to use primary data and I need to have some survey questionnaires answered. I hope you could help me. I would be happy to share the results of my research when it is already done. Thank you po :)

  27. Good day :-)
    I would like to introduce myself, I’m GLEA C. ESPIRITU from the Philippines.
    I took up Bachelor of Elementary Education major in Special Education, I’m still
    studying at Mindanao University of Science and Technology.
    http:// www. must. edu.ph

    I would like ask more information about handling children with special needs. I have
    a encouragement to help, to provide or to share my knowledge to them and I have confidence
    to teach.
    Please help me to learn more and to gather more information.
    I know you have a great learning program.
    It would be fine for me if you just sent it here in my e-mail or Skype account: glea_aries23.

    I’m hoping that you can help the student like me that eager to learn about SPECIAL EDUCATION.
    Thank you and Have a good day :-)

  28. Please help me on this please please please :-)
    If you have copies on ASSESSMENT TOOLS.
    If you would like to share it please share it with me :-)

  29. Mommy Rose says:

    I am observing certain behaviors with my kid. He is turning 3 this October. He is a fast learner, he started speaking at 2 months, he started walking at 7 months, now he can easily navigate and use the computer and he enjoys playing computer games. What I observe is that he is hyperactive, he can play all day without getting tired. I am trying to teach him to read but I have observed that he cannot retain abstract information like letters or numbers, but he knows words that is associated with things like apple and airplane. I have tried to read some information regarding this, is there an institute where he can have a testing to check if he has dyslexia and ADHD? If he has we want to enroll him in a program where he can be taught well. Thanks a bunch. I will wait for your reply in your earliest convenience.

    • Cherry says:

      Hi Mommy Rose!
      Certainly we can be of great help to you. We can talk about your concerns and how we can help your child. Please email us at outofthebox.philippines@yahoo.com

      Out of the Box Behavioral Intervention Services
      Unit m-17 Auro-Vir Building Evangelista cor Lacuña St
      Makati City
      Mobile: 0928 7375792

  30. Kirsten says:


    I’m Kirsten Papera from Laguna. While browsing the web about special education, I saw this website. I also notice the desire to help special children. Modestly aside, I’m a registered nurse and had units in Education but haven’t took the Licensure for Teachers. Although I’m a nurse, I think I have a spiritual calling to teach special children as God let me see this kind of vision of me teaching special children. I don’t have any teaching experience yet, but personally I know I have great passion in teaching. I have this deep desire to learn about SPED and later on share my knowledge and uplifts those wonderful children. I’m really willing and enthusiastic to do the best I can to serve those children and learn more and more from them. I’m looking for an institution where I can apply for position, I’m not about the money but the service I can give. I’m hoping someone will read this and help me. I really am willing to learn more on SPED and how to interact with those children. I believe that knowledge and skills are best learn through experience. In addition, I really love children.

  31. jo says:

    Hello, I am looking for a center for kids with learning disability. I have a 10yr old daughter who is struggling in school. we transfered her to a new schhol thinking that she might have problem coping with the old schools academic level. but on the new school she has same problem. i want to have a professional evaluation on her. we live in binan laguna and hope you can recommend a center from our area. thanks you.

    • Cherry says:

      Hi Jo! We have a center in Makati. We provide shadow teachers for children having difficulty inside the classroom. We also provide home-based therapy. Our therapist will be the one to come to your house everyday to conduct the therapy. For further inquiries please send email to outofthebox.philippines@yahoo.com or call us at 0928 7375792 for an appointment.

      Thank you!

  32. Josephine R. de Guzman says:

    Hi, can you please advise me what would I do for my son (12 years old)who doesn’t want to go to school, he stopped in school for 2 years now. I transfered him to a new school thinking that he might continue . but on the new school he has same problem. we are living in mandaluyong.
    Please help us.

  33. Aizel says:

    Good Morning.
    May I ask what school(s), that offers Special Education, mostly on language impairment or speech impairment? I am a fine student, and my research is related to them. i need to interview atleast two-three children who have language impairment or speech impairment to participate in my research. What school(s)(around Quezon City or Metro Manila) can you recommend that allows conducting interview, without months of approval? Since, we have to finish our research this semester. I hope you can help me/us. :-)
    Thank you! And God bless.

  34. Maria says:

    Hi! Just talked to my daughter’s teacher. She is requestinf that we hire a shadow teacher. How much is the on-going rates for a shadow teacher. Thanks!

  35. Cherry says:

    Hi Maria! Our center is located in Makati City. One of our services is to provide shadow teachers for preschool or grade school levels. The rate varies depending on the frequency and duration of the services. Please send your email to outofthebox.philippines@yahoo.com for further inquiries. You may check our fb page https://www.facebook.com/Outofthebox.Behavioral.Intervention

    Thank you!

  36. Noel says:

    Hi.. Im Noel father of 17yrs old boy with learning Disability.
    my problem is I cant find a SPED school here in Imus Cavite or nearby town of cavite.
    Do you have recommendations?
    Thank you very much.

  37. Connie Aguilar says:

    Baka po meron kayong alam kung saan puedeng mag aral ng college ang anak kong 18years old, h is ADHD. He really wants to pursue his dreams to enter college kasi nakakarinig na sya sa mga classmates nya kung saan sila mag aaral sa college. Meron po kayang schools para sa case nya? At alam po nating hirapan silang mag focus academically pero nagtityaga po syang mag aral at masipag pumasok. Me and my husband are jobless right now, kaya natatakot po kaming ienroll sya sa college sa kalagayan nya, at d nya makaya ang mga subjects sa college. Sana po merong college schools na handang sumuporta at umintindi sa mga kagaya nya. Thank you.

    • Teacher ia says:

      Hello Ma’am Connie,

      Ako po ay sumagot sa inyong katanungan sa e-mail. Sana po ay mabasa ninyo.

      • Alessandra Johanna Arenas says:

        Good day!
        I have a son who’s 8 and seemingly has adhd. He was initially evaluated by an OT in his present school, but I am not too keen on the evaluation results as well as the intervention program they are doing. I would like to seek a second opinion and have my son evaluated by a professional. Grateful if you could recommend an school/institution/practitioner. I can bring him tomorrow for evaluation.
        Also, the school principal is recommending that my son be enrolled in their sped program due to behavioral concerns. I would really appreciate it if you can also recommend a reputable school in Pasay City. My office is a stone’s throw away from the airport, and I’m a single parent. I am desperate for support and assistance.
        Looking forward to hear from you soon.
        Thank you!

  38. leah granfiel says:

    Helo po.I have a 5yr old son.kinder,studying at a public school.inaaccelerate po sya sa grade1 ng titser nya last june24 pero di po ako pumayag thingking hes still too young at kalilima lang din ng june23.later on nirefer po ako ng teacher nya sa SPED at may autism daw po.nasaktan po ako nong una nyang sinabi ito.pero she explained na dapat ilipat daw ung anak ko sa school ng mga mentally genius.Pumunta n po ako sa SPED.kelangan daw po munang iasses ung IQ.nireffer p nila ako sa QC.mahal po daw pla mag paasses.tricycledriver po ung asawa ko.ako po wlang work.nakiusap po ako sa teacher nya na hwag na pong ilipat ng skul.ok daw po yn nga lang daw po ay sayang at nalilimit daw po ung kakayahan ng bata.he spoke at 2mons.count his fingers at 2mons.do a dozen 70pcs. jigzaw puzzles in a row at age3.write at age3. And now he can read english and tagalog without pics.what will I do?mahirap lng po kami.we can’t afford to send him to an exclusive school.at ayaw po ng anak ko na lumipat sya.he’s happy now sa school nya..pls what will I do?

  39. Jennifer Ann Dela Cruz says:

    Hi! I would like to ask if you know any mainstream schools here in San Juan City or in Greenhills? I have a six-year old daughter who is hearing impaired and currently enrolled in a regular setting school. Although she has a SPED tutor I still want to enroll her next school year in a mainstream school or a school for the hearing impaired.

    I hope you can help me and answer my queries. Thank you.

    • Allison Harris says:

      Jennifer, did you find what you needed for your daughter? I am a certified SPED teacher and Teacher of the Deaf. Please contact me if you are still searching for services.

  40. Gloria Marie says:

    Hi i am sa Sped student from Laguna. I hope I can apply at any school there in Manila as soon as I graduate my degree this March. I hope someone will read this. Thank you. Godbless

  41. Mary says:

    Good Day po Teacher Ia, I would like to ask po if you can recommend a ggod school for my son, he is 6 yrs old presently enrolled po in a traditional school. 2 days ago po, he was diagnosed probable ADHD. I am planning to transfer him to another school, kasi bka hindi po sya ma handle well ng mga teachers nya sa present school nya ngaun. But, i have some worries din na baka pag nahalo nman sya sa ibang bata with ADHD din bka mas lumala condition nya.

    I hope you can help me po please. Thank you and God bless

  42. hugh says:

    hi, i’m looking for a sped school here in angono, rizal or nearby
    binangonan,or taytay rizal area..thank you ..

  43. Luisa M says:

    I am looking for a therapy center in quezon city with OT and Speech therapists who are UP graduates, right now my daughter is undergoing OT and ST in a newly opened therapy center and my husband and I are not happy with her OT and ST. We transferred her to this newly opened therapy center because its very near her school, before she went to this well known therapy center which is far from our place and now we’re having a hard time going back there because there is no available slot anymore.

  44. dominique says:

    Hi, do you know a sped school in pasig city?
    If possible near greeenwoods pasig city. I would greatly appreciate if you could recommend one. thank you in advance.

  45. Erick says:

    Hi, From pasay city po ako. I have 11 yrs old daughter. Already grade 5 pero noticed ko po sa kanya na hirap cya mag pronounce ng mga words also sa reading nahihirapan din po cya (mabagal po development nya). Dinala ko na po cya sa neurodevelopmental pediatrician sa quezon city,medyo mahal po bayad, and ang initil assestment po is pang grade 2/3 level pa lang cya mabagal daw po yung development nya.. After po ng checkup ng pediatrician inirefer po kami nya ulit sa speech and language evaluation/intervention clinic and another clinic po for reading evaluation po. Request din po na mag pa EEG and also mag pa Pure Tone Audiometry. Lahat po ito binigyan nya kami ng referral slip. Medyo po magastos. Pero before po namin cya dinala sa neuro pediatrician, opinion po ng mga teacher nya na sa SPED po namin cya dalhin. Need po sana ng help kung san meron along pasay na SPED na pwede ko ipa-asses ulit yung daughter ko.

  46. Jenny Duenas says:

    Hi Teacher ia, I woulf like to ask if you have seminars or conference about teaching SPED childrens? I am very much interested with the said topic and I want also to learn more about teaching SPED. Do you have a up-coming schedule of seminars? thank you so much!

  47. anne says:

    hi, ive read posts above and im interested in attending seminars focus group discussion if there are sessions as such. i have a 4 yr old boy, turning 5 in 4 months. we enrolled him for OT & speech therapy as we noticed his delAyed speech as compared to other children with the same Age or younger than him. we enrolled him even without seeing a dev ped upon the recommendation of our pedia.. there was a very big improvement since he 1st started therapy sessions this year.. his speech has improved. we enrolled him as junior case 2 in a regulAr school. his teacher sees how intelligent he is and gets passing score.. but still somehow the teacher notices his lack of focus and conversational skills, and i am worried that this affects how he will learn and absorb info withiut learning how to focus. i am worried of too many things, and getting tired too of having to worry of all things at home, in work, my son’s need etc… i am having dillemmas if i should stop from work to focus on my child, but if i do then we might not be Able to sustain his therapies.. i Am looking for a support system too, what else should be done or how should we deal with these situations. i know i am strong and there’s a need to be.. but sometimes it feels so heavy i feel i want to stop. but of course for my child i can’t..

  48. anne says:

    i also want to know if a regular school is enough or should there be a specific type of school i should be looking for to better improve my child.

  49. Ruth Mendoza says:

    Good evening! I, together with my group mates are fourth year students of the University of Santo Tomas from the College of Education, Bachelor of Elementary Education major in Special Education are conducting a study about Effects of Accommodations to Physical Structure on the Attending Skills of Pre-adolescent Students with ADHD. This is in partial fulfillment for the requirements in our course SPED19: Research in Special Education.

    In line with this, we would like to ask all the teachers who handle or handled students with adhd to be our respondents in our research.

    The link below is our questionnaire. We are hoping for your favorable answer. This would really be a big help to us. Thank you and God Bless.


    • anna dimapilis says:

      When you accommodate a child with special needs, it means that you do reasonable adjustments not only in the physical structure of a classroom but also in other areas wherein this child experiences struggles or difficulties. These adjustments/accommodations are determined on a case to case basis and must be reasonable. It can also be implemented in the areas of curriculum set-up, instruction, or work outputs just to name a few.

  50. Noreen Odilao says:

    Hi! I’m so glad to discover this site.It is very helpful and informative. BTW, I’m a mother of a child with Autism and is now currently taking BEEd Major in Special Education in St. Dominic College of Asia as a 2nd course. I would like to ask for help for a list of SPED schools in Cavite area. This is for my undergraduate thesis about mobile learning devices and Autism. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon. God bless!

  51. Denise says:

    Hi! Good day! I have a 6 year old son that in my own opinion is a hyper. Very bright in other stuff like communicating with the oldies, he was like same age when conversing. However in school he is so poor in academics because he is more focus on his toys. There ate times that he would be happy having a tutor but most of the time he doesnt want to study. As a parent im giving all he likes eapecially when it is food eg: more on sugar, so i cut down all the possible food that would get him hyper. Its been a month that we avoid candies & other sweets however hes still taking tetra pack juices like zesto but planning to cut it also. Im looking for a SPED SCHOOL HERE IN MANDALUYONG so he can be assesed/evaluated. If i may ask you is it ok to bring my son in angeli dei sped school here in mandaluyong for assesment/evaluation? Please help. I want to handle my son in a right way so he can be cure. Thank you & God bless.

  52. Lynette Yang Gan says:

    Please include our school in your list, STARLIGHT TRAINING SCHOOL for SPECIAL YOUTH, INC.. We cater mostly with young adults with special needs. The School is a training ground for them in preparing young adults for employment with our employment livelihood program.

    Our School is located in 334 Tamsui Ave., corner Aguinaldo Highway, Bayan Luma 2, Imus, Cavite. Our contact numbers are 046-4891035, 09175413314, 0932-8545429.


  53. Tita Bubbles says:

    Good day po! Ask ko lng if you can recommend any school for my friend’s son who has mild autism. 19 yrs old na po sya at nakagraduate ng high school. Kaso lng po medyo need help sa motor skills and life skills. Dito po kami sa may Las Pinas. Thanks po ng marami!

  54. Jane Santos says:

    You Guys are doing an amazing job! I really enjoyed reading all the information on this page. I worked as a full time teacher of Special Need school here in Auckland NZ.

  55. Jane Santos says:

    Is there anyway I could get the email address of Dr. Lilia Bautista? She is my Prof in La Salle. Thanks

  56. Anshe says:


    I have a cousin who lives with my mom, he is 10 yo, pero delayed ang kanyang development and he is behaving like a five year old. He is enrolled in a public school and had been struggling in learning to read and write. Walang interest and kapag tinuturuan naman, hindi talaga makasabay ang bata.

    Is there any school or center near quezon city who can assess the child? Iniisip ko din na baka mas mainam i-homeschool, kaso walang oras ang mommy ko dahil sa trabaho.

    I hope mayroon affordable na center na pwede namin puntahan..salamat.

  57. Ms Jersey says:

    Hi Miss IA,
    My son was diagnosed with Autism when he was 2 years old.We are base here in USA.He has early intervention since he was 2 and right now he is 3 1/2 year old and he’s going to special need school.State provides school and theraphy for people with dissability here in US.
    My question is : soon I want to go home in Philippines for good because of personal reason, is it practical that I will bring my child and will continue his education in the Phils?
    Do you think I won’t be so unfair to him bringing him there as the school here might be better?
    Or he can also can good education there in Phils?
    I’m planning to enroll him in the same special need school in Phils. probably get also some extra theraphy for him.
    he is not severe case,he can talk , he has improved a lot from the past 1 1/2 years early intervention & school.
    Your advise is gratly appreciated.
    Thank you.
    Ms Jersey

    • Bhing says:

      Hi Ms. Jersey!
      We can help you with your concerns. Should you decide to come to Philippines for good. We offer therapy services for children with special needs.


  58. Annalyn says:

    my daughter, 8 years old has been diagnosed today with ADHD. Us parents are both working abroad. It devastates me to feel i cant do more than supporting her financially and of what we can do through video conferencing.

    The doctor advises us to send her for therapy and induce omega 3 supplement.
    She also told us to enroll her to sped school.

    Can you advise us sped school and therapy center in Bulacan and how as ofw parents should support our child? Do you have any online seminar we can go and refer to, in print or video?

    • Bhing says:

      Hi Annalyn!
      We have a therapy center located in Makati City. One of our services includes home based behavioral intervention. Our therapist will be the one to go to the your house to conduct the session. One of our student under the home based intervention program is from Bulacan as well. For further information please send us message to our facebook account. Please search Out of the Box Behavioral Intervention Services or text 0929 9602040

  59. Nomelle R. Rondilla says:

    Hi Teacher Ai. I would like to inquire if you know of a good occupational therapy center that caters to children with ADHD with expertise on behavior therapy, preferably on the area of Novaliches,Quezon City. I happen to have a daughter with ADHD and upon the recommendation of our developmental specialist,we already need to undergo OT. Thank you.

  60. jeal guevara says:

    i just want to ask if where is this located here in metro manila? for my friends child. pls do reply on my email add.thank u very much. your reply will be appreciated.

  61. Joanne Macheca says:

    Can you recommend SPED schools here in Laguna because we are applying for our OJT in clinical setting? Thank you in advance.

  62. JESSICA QS says:

    Hi! Good Morning! I am a 3rd year BS Psychology student. Me and my groupmates are working on our thesis entitled ” An Experimental Intervention Research: The Effect of Film Showing on the Reading Comprehension of Dyslexic Children in their Late Childhood in Cavite”. Can you please help us look for A SPED school in Cavite that has a large number of Dyslexia cases.

    Your response is very much appreciated. :)

  63. Inah Karla R. Malaluan says:

    Hi Teachers! I’m a third year BS Psychology student at the University of Santo Tomas. My group is to report about Learning Disabilities. May I ask if we could go to your school (since I’ve read that your school caters to children with Learning Disabilities) to observe and see your facilities and to interview some of the SPED teachers? I would really be glad if you would grant my request. Thank you very much. :)

  64. pinky bostre says:

    Hi teacher!i have an 8y/o son who was diagnose to have adhd impulsive type.im looking for a school in las pinas for his case.he is currently enrolled at a regular school in the north area but we are having problem with his behavior.can you recommend a school fit for him?and a behavioral therapy in the las pinas or nearby place?hoping for your immediate reply.thank you.

    • Bhing says:

      Hi Pinky!
      Our therapy center is located in Makati City but we are offering home based behavioral intervention. Our therapist can go to your house to conduct the session so you don’t need to travel. Please search us on facebook. Out of the Box behavioral Intervention Services
      You can also text 0929 9602040 for further inquiries

  65. Ruffa vergara says:

    Can you help me finding special school along tondo

  66. Jay jao says:

    Do you know or can you recommend a sped tutor for my son? He is 7years old and has adhd. Call me at 0908 8686518.

  67. roselle dela cruz says:

    I’m a graduate of Nursing and want’s to take a certificate course for SPED. May I know for a school in metro manila that offers certificate program in Sped.
    thank you.

  68. grace says:

    Hi there,

    What good sped centers are based in carmona?


  69. Adeline Roham says:

    Hi Teacher ia, I have a daughter who have autism. She is 8th grader now here in California. My family and I are planning to move there in the Philippines for good. I am looking for a private school for her along Pasig City or Makati Area. Hoping you can send me some list of SPED Schools. Thank you.

    • Bhing says:

      Hi Adeline!
      We have a therapy center located in Makati City. We can help you with your concerns. Please search us on facebook. Out of the Box Behavioral Intervention Services.
      You may also call or text 0929 9602040

  70. jellymay samson says:

    good evening po
    tatanong ko lang po kung paano po matatanggap sa sped school ung anak ko 7 years old na po siya may adhd daw po kasi ung bata eh.un po ung diagnosis nya sa PGH.tapos po hindi po namin naituloy ung ibang pianagawa ng ospital dahil nga po sa walang kami budget na pamasahe magpabalikbalik sa PGH..nagtry po kmi sa sped school dito sa cavite pero ayaw po siya tanggapin kasi wala daw po siyang mga papel.ano po ba ung mga papel na yun?

  71. Shiella says:

    Good day,

    My sister can’t hear nor speak. She’s currently studying in a SPED school in our province but unfortunately we don’t have college schools admitting a Special case like my sister had. Can I ask where in Makati or near in Makati possibly my sister can study?

    Thank you.

  72. judylyn santos says:

    Hi! I have a 7year old son who was diagnosed with mild atism. Right now he is goes on a regular montesori school, he is prep right now unfortunately he cannotgo on next level to grade because he cannot read and write simultaneously but academically he is good he can survive advance teaching of the school. Hope you can give me a list of schools in makati and manila who offers a sped or accept case of my son. Thank you

    • Bhing says:

      Hi Judylyn!
      Please search us on facebook. Out of the Box Behavioral Intervention Services.
      We offer Behavioral Intervention Services, home based or center based.

      You may text or call 0929 9602040 for further inquiries

  73. Marian Christine says:

    good day… meron po bang mga sped schools dito sa trece martires cavite? may special needs po ang anak ko, profound hearing loss at limited lang ang kaya nyang sabihin. can you pls send me a list of sped schools here in cavite area. this is my email address, chris.cantos84@gmail.com. thank you.

  74. lycel yumang says:

    Hi Good day!

    for your help.
    i have an 7 and a haLf yrs old son.
    we already consult a dept. Pedia and dra. said he has dyslexia( Learning disablity)
    do you have any list of schooL kung san pwede po sya mag enroL this coming nxt schooL yr?
    he’s now studying in a public schooL, he’s in grade 2 but sad to say hindi nia kayang pa ang level when it comes to reading and writing. he can write pero hindi maayos.
    as per doctor he need to under go test/ evaluation exam for we to know what is the level of his dyslexia.

    may we please ask some help.

    Thank you and god bLess

    • lycel yumang says:

      in additionaL:
      we’re residing around maetro manila.
      ubeLt to be exact.

      kung maari po ay maLaman namin san schooL po ngkcter ng mga cases na gnito

      Thank you again

  75. Hi,

    I have a nephew and he has autism. He’s already 6 y/o and cannot speak. They live in Sumulong hiway, Antipolo City. He’s also studying since 2 y/o but their school doesn’t have teacher for speech. Kindly help us where to enroll him or at least tutorial for him to speak.Thanks a lot!

  76. Patricia Morales says:

    Hi! Im a student from San Beda College. My groupmates and I are looking for a school (if possible, along Pasig area) that will allow us to take some footage of kids with down syndrome for our biology project that aaims to inspire others. Do you have any suggestions? We would be more happy to hear from you. Thank you and God Bless!

  77. Leah says:

    Good day! Gusto ko lang po humingi ng advice regarding sa case ng eldest son ko na diagnosed na may adhd nag school siya dto samen sa traditional school since grade 1 alam n nmn na may skit sha den nag pa checkup pero hinde tuloy tuloy grade 5 na po ung bata but then dhil sa adhd nya nag suffer ang performance nya sa school at kadalasan ako napapatwag ako ng mga teachers nya any suggestion kung sa tingin nyo dpat ko na siyang ilipat ng other school kc pakiramdam nmn ng husband ko napapaginitan n ung bata sa school nya ngyon mas ok po b tlagang mag aral ang mga ganyan bata sa sped or traditional school tnx po.

    • lady ann says:

      hi,my son also have an adhd look for a therapist o.t and sped school it will surely help him a lot :) ive been on denial stage na gusto ko traditional school pero just learn to accept need nila ang sped school mas matutulungan natin sila doon..have u consult a developmental pedia?

  78. armi canlas says:

    good day! my 7 year old son was diagnosed with adhd and we were advised to have his occupational therapy immediately. we were referred to ALRES in QC but unfortunately, no feedback from them as to when will we start the session. i am a little bit worried because my son is already taking his meds and accordingly, meds and OT must be done at the same time. do you have any possible referrel where we can have his OT? our area is sampaloc manila . thank you for you help!

  79. elaine says:

    Can you pls recommend occupational that is willing to come to my house. My son is diagnosed with adhd and learning disability. I’m living in buenavista1 General Trias cavite. Thank you.

  80. C5 says:

    I’m looking for a speech therapist who can help and teach my brother to learn how to speak, he is 16 yo with down syndrome. If its in pasig area, better. My parents are old and may not be able to travel too far. Thank you…

  81. Vanessa says:

    Hi can I have a list of public schools that offer inclusion in Manila only? Thank you.

  82. Dr. James H. Solomon, II, PhD says:

    We have been providing special education services under Holy Name University in bohol for the past 2 SYs.

  83. lady ann says:

    Im looking for a sped school for my 8years old son with adhd/mild autism please help me i realy need a good one. Im from Tagiug city im near in pasig and pateros..or can i have the list if sped school that is near in my place.GodBless :)

  84. Cecile Francisco says:

    Good morning.
    My son is now 13 & at present is studying in an International School in Las Piñas. At 2 1/2 yrs old he was diagnosed with PDD. he is entering high school & needs help in his analytical skills. Ideally, a regular school with accommodations or modifications or shadow teacher might work for him. He is also socially challenged.
    We leave in laguna & hoping to find one near our area. Thank you.

  85. Krissy says:


    Can somebody provide me a list of schools for Dyslexia. I want to transfer my daughter to another school if possible within Pasig, Cainta or Marikina area. Thank you

  86. Romella Uyao says:


    W have sped center and tutorial located near Dasma, Imus and Gen Trias, we are also offering Occupationa Therapy, if you wish to inquire about the center, you may contact us in this number:
    0917-506-3426 (GLOBE)
    0917-545-9499 (GLOBE)

    Kindly include our center in your list of SPED Center here in Cavite.

    AIMTLC (Achievers Intellectual Multi-disciplinary Tutorial and Learning Center.

    We are an Early Intervention Center that can help with your child’s needs.

  87. Au says:

    Good day!
    I am planning to move my son to a new school this year – one that offers a good SPED program, teacher-student ratio of 1:10 (or less) and has the capacity to include him in mainstream classes (if he’s capable). He is 12 years old, incoming grade 4 and diagnosed with ADHD. Do you have a list of schools that I can look into? I have St. Joseph’s College and Multiple Intelligence International School on my list but I would like to do some more checking.

    Thank you!

  88. rosalie ranieses says:

    Good day po i have a 10 yr old son diagnosed with ADHD 3 weeks ago by his dev pedia…im now looking for a traditional school na pwede ang shadow teacher/in house shadow teacher (dr recommendation) dito po sa better living p’que city…3 schools na po napuntahan ko i just find it hard to decide kung alin sa 3 school po kami magtitiwala

  89. elgene david says:

    Hi, am looking for a SPED school within Quezon City for my son who’ll be 6 years old this May. Probably within the Dilliman-commonwealth area.

  90. lovely rose says:

    Hello po. Tanong ko lang po kung may program kayo ng training para sa blinds. Kasi gusto ko magtraining..kung meron kayo

  91. Rea Bunuan says:

    hello! masaya po ako na may ganitong discussion forums kung saan marami ang pwedeng matanungan at matutunan. mayroon akong 7-yr old na anak na may speech delay. dahil sa delay na ito, nahihirapan siya sa comprehension at math. dahil din dito kaya’t hindi siya gustong kalaro ng kanyang mga kaklase. naghahanap po sana ako ng:
    1. PLAY GROUP kung saan pwede ko siyang ihalubilo sa ibang bata para lalu pang mapaghusay ang kanyang conversational skills
    2. SUPPORT GROUP ng mga magulang na may anak na may learning disability. gusto ko sanang makarinig ng mga experiences ng mga magulang sa kanilang pag-alaga sa kanilang anak na may mas higit na attention na kailangan kung ikukumpara sa mga batang nakakasabay sa kanilang mga ka-edad na bata.
    mayroon po ba kayong mare-rekomendang puntahan ko o kaya’y gawin ko? salamat po ng marami.

  92. Sarah Bueza says:

    Hi good pm, I have a son diagnosed of Asperger Syndrome, he will graduate from grade 6 this March,he is 16 years old, we are looking for a school that can accommodate him, we are from Pasay City. I really hope you can help us. Thank you so much.

  93. alexandra nicole says:

    Good am po ..
    May updated list po ba kayo ng mga
    Sped school po from alabang to las pinas or kahit hanggang
    Paranaque po? Thankyou po sa sasagot .. i need a job po kasi x.x

  94. Hi, friends!

    Greetings of peace and Love to you!
    Our congregation has a preschool and special education program for children and those with special needs for almost 25 years. I feel sad of what you are experiencing with schools that do not accept your children.

    With this period of experiencing of handling and learning from children with special children, who have trusted the love and care of our teachers and the whole school community, we are now preparing ourselves (administrators, teachers, parents to learn more knowledge, techniques and methodologies to provide the children the needs that are not addressed yet by many people (parents, doctors, therapists, teachers…)

    Starting July and August 2014 we will have mentors who are willing to teach us this principles and modalities even in therapy and health care for our children. We would be glad if you can be with us, that you may find the purpose why we have these children with difficulties.

    For more information, you can contact us at:
    Telephone: (632) 645 4833; E-mail: mddc1989@gmail.com
    Camillian Sisters-Maria Domenica Development Center
    # 2 Napoleon St., Kingsville Executive Village, Marcos Highway,
    1870 Antipolo City, Philippines

    Looking forward to working, helping together for the good of our special children.

    YOurs truly,

    Sr. Leandrina R. Aclan
    Camillian Sisters Maria Domenica Development Center

  95. Ella Rodriguez says:

    Hi there po…my son is turning grade 7 this coming school year, but im afraid if he would be admitted to any school due to his medical condition. He is Asthmatic- according to doctors that have checked him up his asthma is an isolated case from those ordinary asthma conditions. He is always absent in class though according to his teachers from kinder to grade 6 that he is better than those students who attend classes always…because he can participate in class recitations and he can get good results during exam even if he is not around in school most of the time. Please help. Would really appreciate your most soonest response. We are residing here in Bustos, Bulacan near Baliwag and Angat. Thank you. You can contact me @ 0908 8668563 or via email : ellarodriguez09@gmail.com

  96. margie santos says:


    My son is 16yrs old and just graduated from high school last March 2014. He has dyslexia. Can you recommend to me a college that accepts students with learning disability?

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