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List of Developmental Pediatricians in the Philippines

You are probably in this page because you are looking for assessment for your child who is at risk or your pediatrician encouraged you to seek a professional’s opinion.


Dr. Banaag – Father of Child Psychiatry here in the Philippines

Below is a list of developmental pediatricians and psychiatrists in the Philippines who can help you learn more about your child’s special needs.


Before we go to the list, I think its important that we define these professions here:

Developmental pediatricians are physicians (doctors) who address special needs or special care issues for children with special needs. Sometimes they are called neuro-developmental pediatrician.


Psychiatrists are medical practitioners specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness.  They are doctors.


Clinical psychologists are psychotherapists or a therapist who deals with mental and emotional disorders. They are not medical doctors like the first two but they can get a doctorate degree in their profession. 


Special Education Diagnosticians are specialists or experts in making diagnoses. They can be medical doctors or veteran practitioners in their field.


(Alphabetical Order)

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My Child does not talk: Does he have communication difficulties? (Part 2)

In the previous post, we discussed that language development may occur earlier for growing girls than boys according to studies. On the other hand, how long should we wait for our male children to catch up? How do we know for sure if our child has communication difficulties or not? Read below as we continue to help Mommy Hershey with her concern for her child.


Fred Rogers Special Education Philippines


Response from Teacher Ia

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My Child Needs Help Communicating: What Can I Do?

An article that appeared in Child Development Volume 3 No. 3 written by Ella J. Day entitled “The Development of Language in Twins: A Comparison of Twins and Single Children showed that language development is faster in girls. One hundred forty children was part of this study with age ranging from 18 to 54 months (1 and a half years old to 4 and 2 months old).


I have read a similar article when I was just in college and so my expectation for my son’s communication skills compared to my sister who was almost the same age when she was born was not that high. But in my case I did not expect that my child will not just exceed my expectation but will go way and beyond the norm. A good example will be talking non-stop during a Baguio trip when he was just about almost two years old while naming all the brand of the cars that passes by. He did not sleep for the 6-hour trip which the driver of the car appreciated for my child kept him awake for the entire trip.

Grades and Age Special Education Philippines

Later on, we learned that that particular characteristic of him is associated to his ADHD and even has a name “hyperverbal”. In most Philippine schools, this children will be called “madaldal” but for ADHD children their being talkative just go way beyond the norm preventing them from doing their tasks. My case is a unique one though. Most parents with boys wonder if their child will ever speak because they may be stuttering, stammering or not talking at all. So please read on the question of Mommy Hershey who has concerns on her child’s expressive communication skills.


Mommy Hershey:

Do you know of any specialist in San Pedro who can help me with my child? He is 3 years old and still unable to communicate well. He is showing signs of communication difficulties. Thanks Ia.

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I Need Help: I Suspect My Child Has Special Needs (Part 2)

If you’re reading this post, Special Education Philippines would like you to know that this is already part 2 of “Does My Child Have Special Needs?” a letter sent to Special Education Philippines by one of its readers.


Just like when you are consulting with any doctor, psychologist or educator, it is important for the expert to be familiar with the background before giving an advice. Our reader, Ms. Mappy, was generous enough to share information about their family life. Below you will find also contact details of experts you can go to for an assessment for your children-at-risk.


Ms. Mappy wrote:

Tutoring Club student Special Education Philippines


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