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Special Education in the General Education Classroom: Is our School Ready for Inclusion?

Last September 22, Advocata organized a very important seminar for public school teachers especially those teaching in Makati. This seminar was made possible by generous sponsors and the local government officials in Makati such as Congresswoman Lagdameo and Congresswoman Binay.  The seminar is divided into three parts. The first part of the seminar Special Education Philippines will be summarizing here is about Inclusion Programs in General Education.


What does an Inclusion Classroom look  like? This is how Dr. Thelma Rabago-Mingoa of De La Salle University opened her talk. She then proceeded to enumerate the  characteristics of an inclusion classroom and its benefits for the teachers. According to Dr. Rabago-Mingoa, an inclusion classroom usually has two teachers ( a general education and a SPED teacher). The students consist of SPED and general education students who are taught together by these teachers. However, it is difficult to tell which students have IEP (individualized education programs) and which do not.


Benefits of inclusion classroom for teachers:

a. both the general education teacher and SPED teacher learn from each other

b. the teacher sees the class as one large group as opposed to two separate groups

c. the teacher skills in handing an inclusive classroom are developed and refined


Dr Thelma Rabago Mingoa PhD Advocata Special Education Philippines

Dr Thelma Rabago Mingoa PhD Advocata Special Education Philippines


However, an inclusion classroom is not always beneficial.

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