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Latest K12 Curriculum from DepEd Undersecretary Ruth Fuentes

Alas we reach the last part of our video documentation of K12 Program as presented by DepEd USec Ruth Fuentes.


In this short video, DepEd Undersecretary Ruth Fuentes summarizes what are the changes we should expect with the establishment of the K12 Program here in the Philippines.



How can you ask for the copy of the K12 Curriculum from Special Education Philippines?

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K12: Video Explanation of the Curriculum Model and What is Senior High School?

For the second part of Special Education Philippines’ latest post on updates and information campaign about the K12 Program of the Department of Education, the videos presented here will give information on “How does the K12 Curriculum Model look like?” and “What is the additional 2 years or the Senior High School?”.


Expect that this post will have more text updates as Special Education Philippines gather more information about K12. So keep coming back if you are a researcher, student, teacher or parent. You can also send Special Education a message via email at or in our Special Education Philippines Facebook fan page.


Special Education Philippines urges readers of this post to listen to DepEd USec Ruth Fuentes’ explanation of what is the senior high school because this is what makes the K12 Program different from the ten-year basic program that we have now. It is also the most detailed explanation I have heard so far.


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Answers to Questions You Want to Know about the K12 Program in the Philippines?

Due to an emergency meeting the DepEd Secretary, Bro. Armin Luistro, cannot make it during the Family Congress to talk about the K12 Program. However, standing for his presence that day is DepEd undersecretary Ruth Fuentes who gave a detailed and fruitful explanation of what should we expect from the K12 Program.


Her first order of business is to tell us what is the Program called? Other names of this program is K-12 and K to 12. Currently, they have simplified it to just K12. Following are five videos about the K12 Program. I have minimally edited the videos only to start and cut them in such a way that it does not sound like it started in the middle. However, for some videos I really just added the title and credits. Why am I not editing it? Because I want you to hear about the program straight from the source to remove any bias that I may be pro or against it.


DepEd Undersecretary Ruth Fuentes Family Congress Special Education Philippines

DepEd Undersecretary Ruth Fuentes Family Congress Special Education Philippines


What are the legal implications of NOT following the K12 Program?

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