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Four Rules to Promote Clutter Control

In Special Education Philippines’ previous post we talked about Organization Tips for your child with ADHD. However, we focused on the things we should not do as parents for our child with ADHD if we want them to learn how to control their own clutter. Today, we will feature four of the rules Dr. Patricia Quinn mentioned in her article for ADDitude on how to end household clutter and help our ADHD child organize.


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Four Simple Rules for Cleaning Up

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Organization Tips for Children with ADHD

On one of the parenting support group meetings of ADHD Society of the Philippines, Special Education Philippines was able to get information on one of the topics discussed to help children with ADHD live successfully on their own and that is “End Household Clutter: ADHD Organization Help for Kids”


In my online research I found out that the original article was written by Dr. Patricia Quinn M.D. and it was released in ADDitude. The latter is an online website and magazine dedicated in helping people with ADHD.


Below is a summary of the points Dr. Quinn mentioned in the article and some of my personal thoughts about teaching organization to children with ADHD.


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What Not to Do for Your Child With ADHD:

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